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Hockey Putter - CCM Jetspeed Team - 33in - Right - Silver/White/Red

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The Hockey Putter. A striking piece sure to stir up plenty of envy in your foursome. Get ready to enhance your basement practice sessions and make your putter collection impossible to copy. If Happy Gilmore really wanted to start sinking some putts, this would be his weapon of choice.

Each Hockey Putter is an exclusive, handmade 1-of-1 golf club. In other words, you will own the ONLY putter in the entire world that looks like this. 

Length: 33 inches

Hand: Right

Hockey Stick: CCM Jetspeed Team

Colors: Silver, White, Red

We repurpose broken/used hockey sticks from NHL and Junior teams across North America. As a result, these items are never in brand new condition. We do our best to pick out the cleanest and best-looking sticks, all the while performing a thorough cleaning & sanding process to keep our customers safe. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that scratches, marks, or chipping will be absent from your Hockey Putter.

Those who play hockey understand the true level of toughness required to have success at the highest level. That's why we designed our putters to take a beating. We developed our permanently-fused construction process to set our product apart from the competition. And thus, we now produce the most solid, durable grip in the entire world of golf.

The Hockey Putter, while being a 100 percent USGA compliant golf club, is not intended for competitive use.

Key Product Benefits:

Hockey Putters adds a unique eco-friendly twist to golfing by upcycling discarded hockey sticks from the NHL, semi-pro, and junior teams, turning them into high-performance putters.

This not only reduces waste but also imbues each putter with the spirit of champions, creating a one-of-a-kind golfing experience that celebrates both sportsmanship and sustainability.

Experience golfing like a pro with Hockey Putters as we offer game-used sticks from both former and active NHL stars.

These sticks are not just high-performance putters but also rare collector's items, connecting you to the legends of the game in a way few can.

Hockey Putters is proud to announce that our one-of-a-kind putters are USGA compliant, meeting the strictest standards for golf equipment.

You can now enjoy the unparalleled performance of our upcycled putters with the confidence that they adhere to the rules of the game.

Rest assured, each Hockey Putter is meticulously assembled in the United States, combining American craftsmanship with the spirit of two beloved sports.

Our dedication to quality and local production ensures that you get a uniquely American touch on every swing.

Our efficient 3-5 day shipping ensures you receive your Hockey Putter promptly, so you can hit the greens with style and precision in no time.

All orders are shipped with UPS Ground from Florida, USA.